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Why is The Conduct Academy Unique?

The Conduct Academy shapes, develops and delivers its courses, working with the industry for the industry.

  • The Academy’s training modules have been designed with the input of a number of the banking industry’s leading executives within conduct and control as well as the Chief Control Officer community.

  • All courses are developed through the sharing of content and information by a number of the world’s leading banks.


  • Each course is delivered by an experienced banker.


  • Each course has attending delegates from multiple banks. These individuals engage with one another in an open debate concerning conduct matters.

  • A legal representative is present in all training sessions to monitor and stimulate the debate.


  • Training is delivered using a scenario-based approach which helps to facilitate a high level of interaction and participation within the room. These are developed with input from multiple sources, including our industry advisors, other banks, professional training organisations and market specialists.

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