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Ambassadors Course

The Ambassadors Course is aimed at senior staff in a leadership position who want to sharpen and grow their leadership skills, whilst recognising that ethical behaviour is an absolute requirement in commercial leadership. The underlying philosophy at the heart of this module is that from good leadership stems good conduct. How a leader behaves and operates is at the heart of maintaining high behavioural and conduct standards across any organisation.

The Ambassador’s Course is residential and takes place at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

The two-day course combines a series of mental, physical and commercial challenges. It combines principles of leadership that have been developed by the British Army over the last three hundred years and blends them with the needs of a leader in a commercial enterprise within the Financial Services today.

In addition to leadership, there are sessions focused specifically on conduct and regulatory matters pertaining to leadership and the execution of the conduct agenda, such as the Senior Manager’s Regime (SMR).

In these cases, the Academy works on the practical aspects and responsibilities of conduct and how to combine technical conduct challenges with leadership skills.


Instruction is given by Inspirational Development Group (IDG), who are a global leadership and management performance consultancy with courses developed to improve business performance through behavioural change. It is partnered by industry professionals drawn from the Financial Services industry, with the course undertaken in either the training rooms of Sandhurst Old College or as outdoor challenges in the grounds.

Professional speakers present on a variety of subjects oriented to conduct and ethics.

Ambassadors Course: October 2017

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